Hypothetical Self-Help Books Cover Art

Cover Art- Part two-  A fun weekly challenge created by Pete Rosos- you can check out his blog

I neglected to add a title/text right onto the images.

Today I went to www.picmonkey.com as suggested on WordPress, found some images that lent themselves to the addition of text and went with the Self-Help Genre.

Not that self-help books really help

Here’s the bookshelf of Cover Art of my imaginary titles.

dawn at St george Island

Keep your Marbles

Knit Your Way Through Winter

dawn at St george Island (1)

Find balance in your life

Baseball in the leaves

16 thoughts on “Hypothetical Self-Help Books Cover Art

  1. My two favorites are “Plan Your Retirement Now” and “Knit Your Way Through Winter.” They really spoke to me.

    • Yes, I certainly did, Cee. Thanks
      In fact I had to stop myself from going overboard. Seems I had enough possible titles to fill a bookstore! Suddenly every photograph I ever took looked like potential cover art. Ha!

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