Alum Creek Dog Park Autumn by Anna (11)

Autumn tree by Anna

When one of the grandkids sees something when they’re out and about and thinks-

“oooh, a good one for Grandma’s Blog”, takes a picture to send to me, I like to share it.

Good to encourage their “seeing”.

I told Anna I’ll help her start a blog of her very own. I think she has a great eye. She could start once a week, not daily.

Two years ago Anna took the photo of the pick up truck filled with mannequin legs, headed “to the dummy store.”

11 thoughts on “Alum Creek Dog Park Autumn by Anna (11)

  1. Wonderful shot Anna Love the colors, shadows and the person. Am in Arizona but can feel the Fall afternoon

  2. She’s inherited you eye, Ruth. To my eye, what makes this tree so special is its mix of colors. Green yellow, gold, and red — all of Fall is represented. Anna did very well.

  3. You definitely need to get Anna up on blogging! (After appropriate instruction about staying safe online, of course.) I would follow her blog!

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