Uncle Frank’s (and Aunt Linda’s) “New” Car- 1953 Ford Crestline Victoria V8

It’s registered in her name.  In fact, if I got the story right, Aunt Linda is the one who negotiated and bought this beauty at a car show in Ohio.

What a jewel.  Look at the pristine condition.

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria V8- 1953 was the 50th anniversary of Ford, I read.  “Power steering and power brakes were being added to this line”.

This model is a year younger than me!

I was up in the neighborhood Friday night and I called and asked if they were eating supper.  “Not yet”, said Uncle Frank.

So I went to photograph the car but alas, it’s in the garage as it’s getting to be winter weather here.

And it was suppertime.  I did get a few detail shots inside the garage. A big pot of vegetable soup was shared with me and Steve and as I drove us home, I promptly forgot all the little details about the car and should have written them down.

Thank goodness Linda had a photo . Here is the photo that Aunt Linda took of the new aquisition. She calls the color salmon.

Aunt Linda's Photo of Ford Crestline Vcitoria V8

Aunt Linda had photographed the car another day and was able to  send it to me via her phone right then and there.

Originally posted in 2011.  Uncle Frank with his 1955 Ford Pickup – see the new engine in gallery above



Not Jay Leno yet but here is Uncle Frank with his 1933 Plymouth on a different 2011 blog post that still gets a lot of hits,

21 thoughts on “Uncle Frank’s (and Aunt Linda’s) “New” Car- 1953 Ford Crestline Victoria V8

  1. Boy if these old cars don’t bring back memories.Someone did a good job restoring them, or either took really good care of them to begin with. I’m glad there are still a few of these antique beauties around, still today. Nice share. Thank you, Ruth.

    • Yes, the 33Plymouth and the 55Pick up and the Belair which was on the blog but I fogot to repost it ( on another post) are all restored by Uncle Frank. He has a gift. The new one is in great shape already. Just terrific.
      Nice of you to visit and comment today.

      • Always a pleasure. My oldest brother, may he RIP, used to be a car buff. I’m sure he would have been very impressed with your uncle’s success in his restoration efforts. He did a good job.

  2. I always love to look a your photos of Frank’s classic cars. He is a master of restoration.

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