Hotel Pic from Indiana Swim Meet Weekend by Anna

It doesn’t sound good to say “Anna (11) shot her sister Maura (almost 6) while she was sleeping in the hotel.”
But that is exactly what she did-
(And the next time we are together Anna, your ole Grandma is going to help you start your very own blog!)
Your eye sees a lot! Or should I say -Your eyes see a lot! Thanks for sharing.

I love that you saw Maura asleep on the floor and texted the photo to me at 11:52 PM


7 thoughts on “Hotel Pic from Indiana Swim Meet Weekend by Anna

  1. I love this photo! Great job, Anna! I can’t wait until you have your own blog and I can follow it like I follow your grandma’s blog.

  2. This is a fantastic pic! Anna is turning into a brilliant photographer. Anna, start thinking about what you want to call your blog…I’ll be very excited to start following it!

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