What My Client Lent Me at the Photo Shoot

Remember the Spring-like November Day I posted Tuesday with the thirty degree drop in temps predicted?

Well, it’s more like a forty degree drop two days later-

in the park, late afternoon.

Cashmere fingerless gloves.

Thank you SB for the loan of the luxurious gloves.   I’m still warming up the rest of me.

fingerless gloves:

My hand looks a bit like “The Claw” in a horror flick but the cozy gloves were so welcome on my chilly hands during the photo shoot in the park.

4 thoughts on “What My Client Lent Me at the Photo Shoot

  1. I covered the plants in the front as it may hit 32 degrees in our western side of the Panhandle. Brrr- love those fingerless gloves.

  2. It suddenly got very cold around here, too. Winter has officially arrived. Very nice of your client to lend you her gloves – they look very cozy.

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