People at Work- Dan McDonald

Today at 8 AM, Dan and his SIL Todd, came to install my new furnace.  Their day ended about 12 hours later. Well done!

It is great to have efficient heat and not worry about carbon monoxide emissions from the old furnace.  Come summer there will be AC, too. And it was great you knew I needed more amps of electricity first and a new box so all is safe.

This old house hasn’t been this toasty since I moved in here in ’91.

Thanks Dan, for letting me photograph you in my old school basement.

And thanks Mar and Erika for recommending Uncle Dan.  He did a super job, just as you said he would.

Dan McDonald

10 thoughts on “People at Work- Dan McDonald

  1. Good to see a professional at work. Now you will be ready for winter. AC will be nice in the summer, too!

  2. He could use that first picture on his website! So professional. And yes, consistent heat without the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning are both wonderful things! 🙂 Stay safe, lady.

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