Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Installation -NYC- via Joe and Jack- Guest Blog Photos

You remember the Father/Son blog followers and dear friends who guest blogged the scenes from Central Park in Fall and Winter?

Here is what dad Jack wrote

“Joey’s office is near Rockefeller Center. He sent these pictures of the Christmas Tree as it arrived. He said that some branches are removed making it bare in spots. They reattach the original branches and add branches from other trees. Who would have known? Not me for sure. I was impressed by the scaffolding and all. It is different so I thought you would enjoy it. I will send the finished product if Joe sends it to me. “


8 thoughts on “Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Installation -NYC- via Joe and Jack- Guest Blog Photos

  1. Now, that would have been interesting to watch. The “construction” of the tree I mean.

  2. That is one heckuva office view!

    I had no idea about the tree branches, either. Christmas Secrets – Exposed!! 🙂

  3. They need to transplant a tree, as large as possible, and let it grow to be reused year after year. It seems such a waste to murder a fresh tree every year when it is going to be placed in the same spot anyway, Christmas, or not. As much as love the smell of fresh cedar, I won’t put a live tree, anymore, unless it has roots so it can be transplanted after Christmas. As far as the branches go—I suspect some of them get damaged during shipping. I know, bah humbug. Poor trees.

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