Makeshift Thanksgiving Eve Supper on Supermarket Conveyor Belt

Do you ever look at another customers items on the conveyor belt in the grocery store?

Do you make judgements based on their choices?

Today I was watching the weather and accumulated snowfall all day and thinking about my Thanksgiving travel plans.

When I drove out of the school parking lot, it was slush on the roads and a pretty snowy wonderland in the trees.

After school, I went to the Giant Eagle supermarket and procured some semi-Thanksgiving items for supper tonight.

You can’t see the pretty red yams.

I can tell you this, the cranberry, orange, Granny Smith relish was refreshing. We didn’t sample the pie.

It’s just sitting.

If I never eat another Turkey Burger that’ll be just fine.

Don’t look too closely foodies and food bloggers.

Holidays are usually low view days on the blog.  Good thing!

Steve and I ate together and he’ll hold the fort here.   I packed a suitcase with plenty of wool sweaters and socks.

Thinking about all those I love and who love me. Feeling grateful for friends and family.

Thanksgiving ingredients

When I took the car to be inspected on Monday night (due Nov 30th so made it just under the wire)

I saw this sky as I waited in the wind for Steve to pick me up.


11 thoughts on “Makeshift Thanksgiving Eve Supper on Supermarket Conveyor Belt

  1. I used to look at other peoples’ groceries on the conveyor belt and judge but since I’ve been food styling and having to buy some pretty ridiculous items or quantities, I’ve learned not to judge! 5 containers of vegetable shortening, or 10 boxes of instant mashed potatoes will do that to you. It was a very quick lesson. Safe travels Ruth, happy thanksgiving.

  2. I often look at people’s purchases on the conveyor in front of me – and I have seen some kooky things. But hey, to each their own. 🙂

    Safe travels Ruth!

  3. Ruth, I hope you and your whole family have a wonderful holiday and that you don’t get caught in the snow on some highway off the beaten (and well-plowed) path! Yes, conveyor belts in the grocery store are quite interesting. Sometimes, I’ll comment on all the dog or cat food they’ve bought and ask them about their animals. That always gets a conversation started!

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend in Columbus —- missed this blog on T-giving, glad I caught if today! I used to look at what others bought, but now I’m too busy getting my stuff on the conveyer belt and my GEagle Card out, etcetc! 🙂

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