Outdoor Inflatable Yard Decor or Illuminated Plastic Blow Molds?

SO when did the inflatables show up on the lawns of America? During the day they lie flat.  At night they whir and are filled with air, move a bit in the wind.

The first one found while pulled over to a curb on the North Side, checking directions on the travel app.

Shot with the cell phone from a car window.

Christmas Inflatable




Inflatable Snow Globe




Inflatable SnowmanAll taken this Tuesday evening – Some good for twinkle

and an old shot from a few years ago, one of my favorites


11 thoughts on “Outdoor Inflatable Yard Decor or Illuminated Plastic Blow Molds?

  1. delightful! you can find inflatables here, too. i remember capturing some images with my cell phone a couple of years ago, but they must have been some of the ones that didn’t survive my computer crash a couple of months ago. i remember one of them was of a large Tigger jumping out of the box or something like that
    such a fun time of year 🙂

  2. Love the inflatables but they’re the bane of many dog during their walks. Max ignores them but his predecessors would have loved nothing more than to attack each one. Perhaps nothing would ruin a little one’s Christmas more than to look out a window and see a dog attacking Santa. I can just imagine the poor kid, some 20 years later, lying prone on a sofa, “It all started about 20 years ago this Christmas, Doc. I looked out our window …”

  3. Chicago John has done it again! I just laughed out loud with Listerine still in my mouth. And, by the way, I love the inflatables!

  4. One of our neighbors has multiple inflatables for every season (black cat and witch at Halloween, turkey at Thanksgiving, Santa at Christmas, snowman in Jan/Feb – you get the idea). Interestingly, once the snow melts, the inflatables disappear. Seems like they may be a cold-weather phenomena?

  5. Blow molds are way better! They last much longer and entertain you for 24 hours.

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