Whoa, Beware of Falling Sprinkles

At the end of the day my  school neighbor, the librarian, brought me this fancy cupcake with multi-colored sprinkles AND a wet wipey for my hands after consuming it!

As I put it on my desk, a few sprinkles fell off and the little railroad man was nearby.  Photographed with the Canon SX 170 point and shoot.  Just for fun.

This post is also a nod to Big Appetites author and photographer from Seattle who inspires our class daily- Christopher Boffoli.  If you don’t know his work, check it out when you have time.

cupcake sprinkles

12 thoughts on “Whoa, Beware of Falling Sprinkles

    • Making my followers smile or you had two “laugh out loud” scores just this week!
      Thanks for the visit and the good words.

  1. Very cute photo ……. seems like it could be the beginning of a childrens’ book! maybe above comment is opening text!? 🙂

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