After the Nutcracker at the Ohio Statehouse

Right from school, I drove the 200 miles to Columbus and made it in time to attend the Nutcracker with the family.

We crossed the street after the performance and Maura and her other grandmother and I  sat on a bench while the rest of the family walked around the Statehouseseeing the sites.  We were waiting for the line to the parking lot to subside.

We asked Maura which part was her favorite. (“the kids doing the back handsprings” said Anna and Maura said “Me, too.”)

Maura’s response to the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Dance of the Flowers took place right on the sidewalk..

I was wishing I’d brought my camera but had to do with the iPhone.

Oh, did I mention that it was about 55 degrees. Felt like a Spring evening with a chill wind.

nutcracker dance

5 thoughts on “After the Nutcracker at the Ohio Statehouse

  1. So many of us have lovely Christmas memories of going to or performing in “The Nutcracker.” Nice that you made it with family this year.

    Happy days, Ruth,

  2. How cute! I saw the family photo dressed in their ballet finery. It, too, is a great shot, Ruth. I can’t get over how much the kids have grown. When I first “met” Maura, she was a very young girl and now she’s a ballerina. 🙂

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