Fellow Blogger’s Comment Spurs Action

It was Janet of Sustainabilitea blog, ( This,that and the other  thing/ Looking at life through writing and photography) who wrote in a comment  “these photos would make great puzzles”.

She was right.  Thanks, Janet, for the super idea.  (original post of the doll collection was just January 6th).

I went down the hill to give my friend the early birthday present and it was a cool surprise. Waiting until the actual birthday on the 29th was too long.  Barb was really thrilled with the origianl idea and I told her how a fellow blogger suggested making the photo into a puzzle.  Her husband thought the photo below would make a cool document of the idea come to fruition.

Here my friend Barb’s  husband Rich holds up the puzzle I ordered from the photo of her doll collection.

It came in a lovely tin. Ravensburger USA in New Hampshire did a super job.

How much fun it would be to photograph collections to be made into jigsaw puzzles.


15 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger’s Comment Spurs Action

  1. We love jigsaw puzzles, and our favourites are Ravensburger, I’ve often thought I should get one of my photos done as a puzzle, I might have to see if it can be done from Australia, thanks for the tip.

  2. Great follow through, Ruth. Receiving a suggestion is one thing and executing the idea is quite another!!

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