More in Depth

Still thinking about depth.  A second gallery for the weekly challenge.  What draws your eye into the picture.

rolling pins

Rolling Pins in Mathews Antiques, Ohio

Homestead Smokestacks

Homestead Stacks through a rainy windshield

Duquesne Incline Tracks

Duquesne Incline Tracks from Below

2014-12-29 15.50.40

Looking down into the box of  Bird Bath Birds at the Antique Store.

St. John Ukranian Church window

Two door windows.

city view from Incline

City View from Incline Ride- The Monongahela River

13 thoughts on “More in Depth

  1. I don’t know why but the dishes on the table drew my eyes. Loved the incline picture looking up. You definitely make me think when I look at a picture Ruth E.

  2. Brilliant photos for this week’s challenge. I like the rolling pins one – so many rolling pins! I hope they don’t all roll off the table at once 😀

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