We Used To Be Off School February 22

First day of March and I’m a week
off but I’m blogging from my phone while sitting in the dark in my granddaughters room. Some of the family already headed out to a swim meet.

Here’s the vein of memory sparked by these photos – not for certain when Presidents Day started but will google.

My mother had a small cookie cuter in the shape of a hatchet.
Baked sugar cookies and the skinny dough hatchet handles would break off so easily.

She also made a pie like dessert with canned sour cherries and every so often you’d find a pit. I remember her stirring the juice on the stove with cornstarch to thicken, a crusty biscuit on top, baked.

This pie, a purchased one, reminded me of her efforts to celebrate Washington’s Birthday when I was growing up.

I’ve baked a chocolate log for Lincoln when the kids were small.

For this impromptu photo op, I pulled out the Presidents’ teapot J gave me and then remembered my parents George plate in the china cabinet.

The year mark (77-78) and I lived in Philadelphia while his dad was in Korea, my mom or dad would rock Mark in the big wooden rocker( it’s in his office now) and he’d look up at the blue plate on the wall and say “George” when you’d ask him “who’s that?”



10 thoughts on “We Used To Be Off School February 22

  1. Fabulous! So glad you did not let the March 1st date stop you from celebrating Feb 22nd …….. since we don’t celebrate on the birthday any more, unless it falls on a Monday, you could put it up on May 17th, say!! 🙂 Wonder if anyone remembers that Lincoln’s is Feb 12th? We use to get that day off too! Is the pie cherry? for Lincoln???? 🙂

  2. Even if a boy – I can see my son appreciating the presidential ware. He’s a fan of history & politics. (BLAH – LOL)

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