Repeating Like Groundhog’s Day – Still Winter

Talking about weather and the impact on our lives has taken a prominent role this season.

We’ve had enough of winter here and we’re not Boston. I see their photos of piles of snow to the rooftops. Ugh.

Not sure how they can stand it. What will happen when it all melts?

Dangerous driving, slick roads, walking warily. Ice you can’t see.

Grateful for a furnace and power.  Everything seems more of an effort.

This post is not intended to be a whine or a rant, just the facts.winter scenes Ohio (1)

10 thoughts on “Repeating Like Groundhog’s Day – Still Winter

  1. I’m right there with you Ruth E. But its warm inside and right now the sun is shining so its okay.

  2. For some inexplicable reason, this post made me laugh. I read your narrative, and then, when I came to the photo of Mark snow blowing all of that snow with Henry romping in it, I laughed. I must be goofy from too much winter.

    • Somehow you just do and sometimes you get worried you can’t take another minute. But you look for crocus under the snow. And hope. Spring always comes.

  3. I’m with you on the weather. Fortunately we have had a few days of significant “warm up”, which makes the melting not only more efficient, but a lot safer!

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