Does One Eat the Pawns You Capture?

Or is it good for several games?

Saw this chocolate board and chessmen when I visited NYC – Spring Break.

If you want one, they will make it for you, fresh!

Li-Lac Chocolates Window                       They bill themselves Manhattan’s Oldest Chocolate House”

8th Avenue at Jane Street, Greenwich Village

Chocolate Chess SetOops you can see my reflection, too.

7 thoughts on “Does One Eat the Pawns You Capture?

  1. I wouldn’t be able to make it through an entire game. I’d be eating them as I played.

  2. My 6th grade teacher assigned all of her students to create a chess board out of candy. One kid found chocolate chess molds, and made a white- and dark-chocolate board. I think I was more “scrappy”, and used colored life savors…

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