Fellow blogger inspires my friend’s dessert for dinner guests 

Thursday I shared a blog post with my friend Roberta. It was from a blog I follow-(http://jjbegonia.com/marian-burros-plum-torte/) with Marion Burros Plum Torte recipe included in the post. 

Roberta made it that night for dinner guests.

Sent the two photos and I asked her permission to share. She’s guest blogger today.  Here’s what she said-

I made it with apricots since there were no Italian prune plums at the market, but otherwise didn’t change a thing. I can see why people love this recipe–so easy and so good. Thanks a million–it’s a keeper! R  

Check out the Plum torte post by jjbegonia to see her beautiful plum torte photos and recipe which inspired the apricot torte!

5 thoughts on “Fellow blogger inspires my friend’s dessert for dinner guests 

  1. Looks delicious! I hadn’t heard of Marian Burrows in years. I have two small paperback cookbooks that she authored – They are from the 1970s. She included menus, shopping lists, and recipes for healthy, additive free meals before that was popular. Love those books.

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