My Dad Framed Postage Stamps as Art

response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

And I did the exact same thing tonight!

I found this sheet of stamps. (a birthday gift from a friend a couple years ago)  in my desk and thought it was perfect for framing in a plastic box frame. 39 cent stamps. The children’s literature characters caught my eye.


Closeup of the familiar book characters
Closeup of the familiar book characters


One sheet my dad framed. These stamps came out in the early 70’s.  The love stamps are 8 cents.

After Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture and prints.

And here’s another sheet of stamps my father framed. When the stamps were 13 cents.

I stitched the needlepoint pillow kit of the butterfly stamps and gave it to my Aunt Rhea and then she passed it back to me. Connections


5 thoughts on “My Dad Framed Postage Stamps as Art

  1. I like that you have that connection with your dad. And what a great idea to frame stamps. They are truly works of art.

  2. Loved those stamps from the childrens books ……. wish they would issue them again!!! Speaking of “connections” there is a 2015 stamp “To you from Me” ……. they do not have them at any of the POs in the East End! I remember that LOVE stamp —–can’t believe it came out in the 70ties!!!

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