Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Boundaries.  Some people have none.

The creator of the challenge Ben Huberman says,”This week, let’s explore the creative potential of limits, borders, and dividers of all types.”

Here are a few visible from the archives


swim lanes 2

Keeping in her lane at the swim meet.


turtle soup sign

Finding the turtle soup sign. Taken by Anna.  I was driving.

Ninth Street Bridge

Ninth Street Bridge. Allegheny River. The night before the Pickle Festival.




hospital nurseryAfter the swim meet. Anna and Michael ooking through the nursery glass window, watching their first first cousin, Charlie.


swim lanes 3 Maura (r) dives off the block into her lane.

forbes field wall

Forbes Field Wall where Pittsburgh Pirate Bill Mazeroski hit his famous homerun to win the 1960 World Series.



10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

  1. some great examples of boundaries. i especially like the image in the pool, with the lanes appearing horizontally. the dancing light reflected on the bottom of the pool is a nice contrast to the clearly defined lane markers.
    i am finding this a tough challenge, and am still stumped so far.

  2. Your photos really meet the challenge, love the yellow bridge but most of all the picture of the swimmer demonstrates someone totally at home in the water.

  3. You always know how to make me smile in the morning. Obviously my favorite is the Forbes Field Wall. It certainly was a boundary for Yogi Berra. He couldn’t go through the wall to catch Maz’s homer. All of the pictures are great examples of boundaries.

  4. Good to see you’ve not lost your knack for finding unusual ways to exemplify these photo challenges. Using a swimmer in her lane was inspired.

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