Larimer School Revisted

Didn’t someone just post about beauty in decay?

I know photographers who go into abandoned buildings and take some striking images. Usually with a friend to spot.

Me? I took these from my car window.

Haunting views of Mayview Mental Hospital come to mind, a documentary video created by a wonderful teacher I had at Manchester Craftsmen’s GuildJill Wiggins.

I returned to Larimer school where my friend Joan used to teach. You might remember the initial post. 

Here is what I saw this time.   Clearly there is something happening on site.  Just now sure what.

Larimer School

Larimer School doors

pile of tires

clearing out junk





18 thoughts on “Larimer School Revisted

  1. That’s so sad. Unfortunately, there are alot more of these buildings through out the city. Knoxville school is another sad sight. I have lots of memories just living in that area. Don’t understand why the school board doesn’t sell them before they get this bad. Thanks for taking these pictures.

    • Yes it’s close. I have to make a different turn to drive by. I’ll make a note to check on it and report. Thanks Gilly

  2. That is quite a building. Here, it would be destined fro conversion not luxury flats, or to be demolished and the site used for luxury flats.
    It seems we just can’t have enough luxury flats in London.

  3. Ruth, these photos remind me of old buildings around here that have been refurbished or torn down. My old high school’s main building was demolished but 3 of the out-buildings were kept and rebuilt and are now used for another type of training area. A new high school was built in 1970. Old one had great memories!

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