Trio: Weekly Photo Challenge

Trio.  You know I had to put the obvious first. The literal.

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Dwayne Dolphin on bass at the Trimont for the Touchstone Fundraiser. I’ll have to get the names of the other musicians.


22039021110_9cf537deb2_oRecycling in Zagreb

silhouettes at Duquesne InclineSilhouettes watch city in fog -Duquesne Incline Platform

three generationsThree generations

Michael Anna Charlie

A repeat if you’re a follower -I think this trio is hard to top

Lots of good.things come in threes. There might have to be a second gallery of Trio this week.

18 thoughts on “Trio: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Those are all wonderful examples of “trio”.My sentimental favorite are the grandchildren. They have wonderful expressions on their faces. The Duquesne Incline one is pretty amazing, though.

  2. I always love the photos of the grandchildren, but I have to admit my favorite photo today is “Silhouettes Watch City in Fog”. You know I love the photos taken from behind.

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