Bread and Salt Adventure

Maybe you read Mark Bittman’s farewell article A Slice of Heaven in Pittsburgh (in the NYTimes) about the Pittsburgh bakery- Bread and Salt.

My neighbor and I went over to Bloomfield and got in line to order our lunch. We took it to go.

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday you need to plan ahead.

You can order via email. If you ordered bread or pizza online you don’t have to wait in the line.  Just go ahead to the counter, pay and pick up.

Samples of bread are in bowls on the counter. Here are a couple of loaves.  They are sold by the pound so you can get exactly what you need, you don’t have to buy the whole loaf.




Here is Laura on her first day of work. She was gracious to let me photograph her.

That’s a ricotta/almond cake.  They weigh the bread and pizza. It was Laura’s (smiling on right) first day




We sampled all four types offered on Friday.


We had a nice lunch back at my neighbor’s.

Lots of fresh veggie toppings.

The one on the right is the Rosa pizza with oregano.

The classic Margherita was my favorite.  The combination of basil, fresh  mozzarella and tomatoes so fragrant and delicious. Next time I plan to try the bread.


Writer Hal Klein has an article in Pittsburgh Magazine describing the breads, the baker Rick Easton  and the bakery

If you plan to go, be sure to click the Bread and Salt link to check on hours of operation.

11 thoughts on “Bread and Salt Adventure

  1. That looks sooooo delicious Ruth! I would spend my whole day there for sure! LOL! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. 😀 ♥

  2. The food looks amazing. I have been hibernating in squirrel hill too long, I never heard of them.

  3. Lovely set of food adventure photos. The ricotta-almond cake certainly sound tempting. I bet it tasted very good. And what a variety of pizzas on offer. Margherita is certainly one of my favourite pizzas, apart from pizzas with mushroom on top of them.

  4. This is my kind of place, Ruth. I’d probably go there often enough that the staff would label me “That guy!” I don’t care. Fresh bread calls me. 🙂

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