Penn Station Panorama

Holiday travel at peak? Not yet.

 That will be this coming Wednesday.

But when the trains for Boston were announced (as I stood under the departure boards) I thought I might get run over by the rush of humanity.

 Getting to their platform, getting to their train home. Rush rush rush. 


Sunday, late afternoon, New York City.

13 thoughts on “Penn Station Panorama

  1. I enjoy getting to train stations early so that I can people watch while I wait for my guest(s). Rush, rush, rush is right but what a show! The same was once true of airports but now, with the TSA in place, the fun is gone. I pick them up at the “Departure” area without getting out of my car. ((sigh))

      • My menu was prepared on Sunday, Ruth, and I’ve been enjoying turkey sandwiches ever since. Thursday, friends and I will be going to a neighborhood restaurant where the meal is great and the drinks strong. (Hence the need for a neighborhood place.) We started this tradition 6 or 7 years ago and I wouldn’t change a thing. Traveling this week? I’m sure you’ll have a tale or two to tell. Hopefully they’ll all be good. 🙂

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