You Can Still Buy a Hanky

Last week in Von Maur Department Store in Columbus OH, I saw these handkerchiefs for sale. 

Seeing them reminded me of the little ironed squares my mother kept in a lacquered Chinese box.  

My father had larger ones, not as ornate. 

Nowadays you don’t see much handkerchief use. 

 Here are the hankies for sale in 2016. 
 My mother’s box of handkerchiefs 

A handkerchief I received from a student when I taught nursery school in the late 70’s.  I framed it! 

Not sure where this came from 

26 thoughts on “You Can Still Buy a Hanky

  1. You have some beauties, Ruth I , too have many I wish i knew what to do with. I do use some with nice edges as dollies.


  2. Those are beautiful. Mine had my initials on them and I thought they were a big deal. I used to get them as presents. I just saw You’ve Got Mail for the umpteenth time and Meg Ryan explains to a little girl what they are. Hey – I had to explain to Cooper what a camera was. Oh well

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    • Oy… technology. I don’t feel “that” old, and yet my family used a crank-dial TV and a rotary phone [tethered to a wall, for goodness sake!] for a good long while – and most “younger” people have ZERO idea what these are…

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  3. What a lovely collection! I was just going to say I don’t know anyone who collects hankies, then the first comment I saw said ‘I collect hankies too’ 🙂 Especially like the one of Notre Dame. Happy weekend, Ruth!


  4. Nice collection, Ruth! I will have to go through the box of linens that belonged to my mom and grandma and photograph the hankies!

    My husband still carries a hankie. A few years ago the grandkids gave him some hankies that they had painted with fabric paint – a fun and unique gift!

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  5. So lovely ……. Mom kept hers in a laquer box, too!!! ……. I wonder what antiques road Show would say embrodered and designed hankies are now worth! ? thanks for the memories!!!

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  6. I’ve had a devil of a time finding men’s hankies, Ruth. When I do see them, I buy 2 packs at a minimum. One is for kitchen use (cheesemaking) and the other personal — and they’re never mixed. I don’t know whether my laundry detergent is good for cleaning cooties.

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