Letters at Home

ALPHABET : The Weekly Photo Challenge

I looked around the house and found letters in several places.

IMG_5087Old wooden baby blocks on my desk in the front hallway.



IMG_5088Alphabet rubber stamps I used to use in the Art Room, dust and all.



Plastic canvas and yarn baby blocks I stitched for my son Mark in 1976.


Crewel Alphabet Sampler I stitched in 1975.  If I could have removed the linen from under the glass with ease, I would have done so for a better photo .




18 thoughts on “Letters at Home

  1. These are nice. I only have one cloud picture that I thought looked like a C. I also wrote my name in the sand at the beach. I wonder if that would count.

    • Absolutely. I didn’t find”found” letters in things. Just actual alphabet stuff. More literal. I think you can post whatever you please. It’s your interpretation and response.

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  3. Those are great examples – I looked around the house and found things with hebrew letters. Does that count? Otherwise the only letters I found were on food.

  4. The alphabet sampler is beautiful – and from the 70’s? That glass must be protecting it very well- oh and my husband has a few blocks like those in the first photo – he has them with his name – very nice throwback take on the wpc 💚💞🌷

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