The Running of the Deer in the Middle of the Day

Allegheny Cemetery. Pittsburgh PA. Saturday afternoon.

I had to pull over and put my flashers on and try to catch a couple of shots. 

They ran like lightning. From what or to where I don’t know.

 The structure you see is the mausoleum.

I never saw anything like this herd running.  I missed the first group. 

I cropped to try to give you a better sense of my experience.


10 thoughts on “The Running of the Deer in the Middle of the Day

      • I know what you mean. Coming face-to-face with wild, large animals can be very scary!! (Even face-to-face with smaller, wild animals is unsettling [case in point: 6 turkeys in our back yard].)

  1. I used to live near Pittsburgh. This picture brought back memories. Oh how I miss the burgh. It’s one of my favorite cities. I need to visit soon.

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