Seasons on a Kitchen Wall

Or the wooden side of an open cupboard is more accurate.

I bought these when we lived in Germany

Decorative plates. Villeroy and Boch Naïf pattern

The order of the seasons is what I notice, how I put them up- perhaps in order of preference?

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Next I’ll be in the basement digging around for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons album I think is down there. Jen H has inspired us to post our seasons.


trying to show the detail without the glare.

14 thoughts on “Seasons on a Kitchen Wall

  1. How did you know that the Four Seasons was my favorite group – saw Jersey Boys 3 times and the movie twice. I think, if I were to put the plates in order of preference it would have been summer, spring, fall, winter. I know its not in order but. . .

  2. I love these plates, too! The changing of the seasons is special. Like Sue, I also like The Four Seasons! They have a ton of good songs!

    • Thanks Jim. They look even nicer in person. I have a Naïf set to eat off as well. When my kids were younger they’d vie for the different scenes. Appreciate your comment.

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  4. These plates are beautiful. The winter scene has always been my favorite — which is interesting because I hate winter.

  5. Very cute plates! My seasonal preference is fall, spring/summer (tied), winter. Winter is definitely last – though maybe baby will help me it anew. 🙂

  6. I’m with you,Ruth. Winter s my least favorite season. If only it didn’t last so long! Love the plates, though. Sounds like you’ve found the perfect place for them, too.

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