Seasons: Weekly Photo  Challenge

Seasons Weekly photo challenge

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall you need these 


Thank you, Bryant Street Market

I was picking up bread, coffee and milk and saw this rack and seasons came to mind. Adding some flavor to life!

21 thoughts on “Seasons: Weekly Photo  Challenge

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    • Yes. We gave wedding shower favors from Penzey’s. They are in our Strip District. BTW what are “skyways”?

      • Skyways are amazing inventions: They are glass-enclosed hallways a story above street level. They connect major buildings to one another, so that a person can navigate the majority of downtown Minneapolis without having to step outside – PERFECT for crappy winter days. 🙂

  2. I could be fixated for some time as I read through the spices / seasonings here. Good choice for the post.

  3. This is a clever choice for the weekly photo challenge. I doubt anyone else will have thought of this.

  4. Excellent take on the challenge Ruth and so many spices to choose from. Hubby loves his cayenne pepper but it’s too strong for my tender tummy. I do love cinnamon sprinkled in my coffee and love curry if it’s not too spicy or strong. Garlic is my absolute favourite. Short list hey? LOL!

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