7 thoughts on “What Many Citizens Look Forward To This Time of Year

  1. I sure am! I spent the better part of Friday morning on the phone vying for Cubs tickets. I’ll be at Wrigley on May 13th to see your Pirates take on my Cubs. It will be the first time our teams will meet since last fall. it should be a very good game. 🙂

    • I fell off the o”nly current wagon” the third week of 2016. Life happened. I took a ten day hiatus. Lost impetus. I’m in Philadelphia now and had trouble with Internet access from room last night Z-z-z-z. I’m so boring to discuss computer problems and make excuses. It seemed a good idea at the time. Keep me fresh.

  2. Your photo “takes me out to the ballgame:” right behind home plate!!!! Closest I’ll ever be! Great view of dahntahn!

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