State of Mind – Weekly Photo Challenge

Ben Huberman of WordPress challenged bloggers to post an image that illustrated their State of mind

We arrived in Philadelphia this afternoon.

Delancey Street cobblestones at dusk. 

Walking where my parents walked when they lived in the city of brotherly love.  1971-1983

  Below the Theater of the Living Arts on South Street.  The scene where my dad pushed his grandson Mark in a stroller and a Philadelphia magazine photographer captured them-

Thirty nine years ago.  
PA turnpike memorabilia display while at the Service Area. 

This could come in handy during election year. 
 Seeing light on the other side of cascading water in our hotel lobby.  Cloudy, blurred, fluid, relaxing to watch. 

28 thoughts on “State of Mind – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I enjoyed looking at these photos, with your story, about a town I know nothing about, apart from the Bruce Springsteen song. The photos are very evocative.

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  3. lots of history for you there, Ruth. thanks for sharing.
    have never been to Philadelphia. oh, the election. have been watching the news here in Canada, and i really don’t know what to think. here’s wishing you all the best and may the best possible president be the winner in the end!

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