South Congress Sidewalk Scenes -Austin Texas


We were out of the bus.  I stood on a corner, waiting for my friends in the shops.

They’d told us on the bus, Austin is the largest “no-kill city”  in the country.  Here’s an article about how that happened.



Austin is known as Live Music Capital of the World

Motorcycles and bicycles

10 thoughts on “South Congress Sidewalk Scenes -Austin Texas

  1. Very cool pictures of a very cool city. Although, whenever Hesh and I went to visit we felt so old.

  2. I thought iIhad commented on this. Maybe I didn’t press send. I post pix on Instagram of MasterB, and until a few days ago my IG experience was entirely upbeat. Then someone linked to a site that documents the most horrific animal cruelty, and the work of one man, Marc Chang, who tries to rescue animals from these extreme conditions. It is hard reading but he is along the same continuum as these folk and their no kill policy

  3. I love the pics of the small dogs – and the article about Austin being no-kill is AWESOME! Just see what can happen when we all choose to truly value life.

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