A Pie Map, Not a Pie Chart

This is an honest to goodness pie map !

My two friends flew in to visit me in Pittsburgh.  Earlier today we visited the Frick Mansion, Clayton. 

Discussing dinner options, Steve suggested Grant  Bar and Lounge in Millvale.

This map shows where all the pie eating people hail from and because Kristin ordered a coconut cream pie to go, she and Linda got a pushpin to stick on the Grant Bar and Lounge Pie Lovers map- their cities are Gainesville and Boston. (We got a tapioca to go, too) and there are some pickled beets in the take away container.

Kristin and Linda are nurse midwives I met in Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1975 and Linda on right delivered my son Mark, 40 years ago this month!

10 thoughts on “A Pie Map, Not a Pie Chart

  1. Amazing that you stayed in touch these many years. I’ve never heard of the Grant Bar and Lounge. I do love pie!

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