Can You Tell By His Face, He’s Teasing Me?

Michael called to me from upstairs.

 I started walking up. Oh.

This is what I saw.  Yikes!

How did he get his head between the spindles? 

(One of the spindles comes out!)

He got me.

Good one, Michael.

Face is the Weekly Photo Challenge

34 thoughts on “Can You Tell By His Face, He’s Teasing Me?

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  2. My grandson did that at my place once. None of the spindles were loose. We had to move him this way and that until we found the exact same way to get him out as he had found to get his head in there… which, of course he couldn’t remember, which is why he cried for help…

  3. He’s obviously enjoying himself ……I suspect he might have a few more grandma scares up his sleeve ….. Watch out!!!

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