The Brothers Reed Play Pittsburgh

The Brothers Reed drove from Oregon to Pittsburgh with stops along the way.

Tomorrow it’s Atlantic  City, New Jersey and Sunday they are playing in New York City. A musical tour. They contact me last November about playing in Pittsburgh and I said let me see if I can find someone to host.  You know when no one else said yes, I called them back and said Come on to Pittsburgh. They found me through a blog post about the house concert with Christopher Mark Jones

Oh, are they good.

When they were warming up in my living room,I was sitting in the dining room and  the first sweet chords and clear harmonies brought a lump in my throat, I was so moved by their song.

The audience clapped heartily and were enthusiastic for their music.


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IMG_0266blurry through the front porch screen

Aaron’s guitar and pedal tambourine Phil’s guitar and harmonicas

My neighbors lent me chairs AND Joaquin set them up. Thanks Joaquin and  Suzanne.



The fragrance of basil fills the foyer, thanks to Jill. Love the Italian baking pot!

And thanks to Roberta for the homemade goodies and Joan for her bread. Other friends and neighbors brought some wine.  Nice.



14 thoughts on “The Brothers Reed Play Pittsburgh

  1. The Brothers Reed were fantastic! Their harmonies were clear and sweet. They reminded me a little of the Everly Brothers because their voices blended so beautifully. And their banter reminded me of the Smothers Brothers. All around it was a lovely evening. Thanks, Ruth.

  2. enjoyed every photo … your home looked beautiful!! Love the photo of Anna in swimsuit at edge of mail photo … the hostess with the mostess!!!

  3. This sounds like such a perfect evening. How lucky they are to have a hostess who thrives on art and spontaneity!

  4. Thank you for inviting us and sharing your beautiful home with us. It was one of the most intimate venues I have ever experienced for a concert such a lovely evening with these very talented, witty yet humble brothers. It reminded me of books I’ve read about where artists, poets and musicians hosted such events in their salons in Paris circa 1920’s. Think Lee Miller and Man Ray! Thanks again Ruth.

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