Each Color Has a Number

Embroidery Floss. 

You can see the faded  old labels and the new labels with the bar codes. 

I’m smocking again. Each color has a Number

There are 454 solid colors in this brand. 

Thought I’d organize them in the little plastic box with bobbins, labeling each number in the corresponding color 

Not exactly sure why-

An old musical box pillow I made when Laura was small. You know the tune it plays. 

29 thoughts on “Each Color Has a Number

    • Cool. These bobbins are plastic and small. I used to have larger cardboard and liked them Yes I think the organizing snd perusing what you have on hand is a good start to a project. I like your Rainbow analogy. Thanks Margie


  1. wow i jest learnt sumpin new …had not a clue how many colors of stitch there waz thats incredibly KEWL!
    2 Kewl fer Skewl really lol 🙂 ❤ luv ur rendition an interpretation! again very Cool! yes indeed!


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    • There are rows of strong dark thread (like a musical staff) that hold the pleats in place while you embroider on top of the pleats. When all the embroidery(smocking) is completed you pull out the dark threads. There is geometric and picture smocking. You follow the 1/4 1/2 of line or space. Not sure what you mean by the ribbon thread. You pleat the fabric with a little hand machine with crooked needles or now I buy a bonnet or romper already sewn and just smock. The pillow shown is from when my daughter was young and now she is a mom

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