Mrs. Wozniak’s Very Last Day of School

The First Grade at Sacred Heart Elementary School is going to need to fill a very big hole, left by the retirement of Mrs. Wozniak.  I had the privilege of going to photograph and document her very last day of teaching First Grade.

Our sons met at this school in 1989 and are best friends still.

I got there before the children came into the classroom and got a tour of her room.  Each classroom has a different nationality theme and her classroom is Australia.




All of the students walked to 8:30 mass, the church is next door. Father recognized Mrs. Wozniak before his homily and the cat was let out of the bag that she is retiring as the students did not know this information prior to his announcement.  The nice part was that it gave the older students a chance to hug and appreciate her, remembering being in her class and all that they learned from her.


When the class returned to their room, they sat on the carpet listening to The Giving Tree and Mrs.Wozniak showed them the gorgeous ceramic farewell plate (with all their names) that they helped make ( the homeroom mother organized that effort)

Thank you for your dedication and service, Mrs. Wozniak. You will be missed!

Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it!

20 thoughts on “Mrs. Wozniak’s Very Last Day of School

  1. Great post Ruth! Congratulations on your well deserved retirement Mrs. Wozniak! Great teachers are so memorable!

  2. So special!! How fortunate she dedicated her entire work life to teaching and to Sacred Heart!!

  3. I hope she enjoys retirement as much as I have enjoyed mine. Your photos are a lovely tribute.

  4. God bless you took.Now on to the best part of your life going to hug those babies any time you want to.

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