Always a Great Day to Receive a Card

My colleague and friend gave me this card that’s she’s been saving for when she’d see me. 

She’s had it for me for a year, for my retirement last June. 

We gathered together for another colleague’s retirement Thursday evening. 

I love that she gave it to me tonight and I’m reading the message on the little change purse. 

Plus a nice gift card to spend at the bookstore. Wow! It’s a feel good message all around and never too late. Fun to receive.

Thanks Jen. 

Dear photographer Ken Graves.  

Great photo. Great card. 

Hope you don’t mind my posting it.  

And P.S. 

Love to Jen for always making me laugh at work 

14 thoughts on “Always a Great Day to Receive a Card

  1. Maybe late made it more special – to be savored even more like this – and the white shoes on the lady in the photo remind me of a very similar pair my aunt used to wear! I remember them well – and fun pic- 😌🌸

  2. Fab! makes me quite jealous as now I am totally self-employed so no one will be giving me a card when the day comes when I decide to stop

    • I used to send a lot of cards. Receiving this one was so nice, I hope it motivates me to continue the practice. Lazy, here I think. Nothing like personal mail.

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