Habitat Show in Johnson City, Texas 

If you are in the vicinity of the Amanda Smith Gallery in Johnson City Texas be sure to check out the current exhibition, curated by Julie Blackmon.

(Click to see the Habitat exhibition)

My photograph Jane’s House on Atlantic Ave at Friendship was selected to be part of the show.

Jane McKee- a good friend, passed December 22, 2015. I think of her often. 

I’m glad this image was chosen as I feel it honors Jane’s memory. We liked to say we taught together in Hell. I remember great parties- the Winter Solstice with the Useless Gift Exchange, Chinese New Year and the 10,000 Year Old Eggs , our Unpretentious Wine Group gathering with a crazy glossary of terms  and a kitchen a sink that sucked down plastic garbage bags with unbelievable suction. 

(Jane McKee obituary)

12 thoughts on “Habitat Show in Johnson City, Texas 

  1. Jane would have loved to see a photo of her house in a photography exhibition. This is a lovely tribute to her.

  2. I’m grateful you recommended I visit your blog today, Ruth. I strongly recommend to myself that I visit more often. Congratulations! Wonderful photo and beautiful tribute to your friend.

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