Perfectly Framed Eyeballs

This afternoon I left a Shop ‘n Save where I don’t usually shop. I saw these eyeballs staring out of the dark frames.

 The building is unoccupied. Just thinking about why they were painted there.

Weekly Photo Challenge- Frame

22 thoughts on “Perfectly Framed Eyeballs

  1. I wonder why the artist chose to do this – but it is fun – nice for the wpc – and when I used to teach art – these are the kind of eyes I had to have some kids “stop” making with portraits – the full circle ones with no kids – ha! but here it is intentional and has effect !

    • Thanks Ilex. I tried to leave a comment on your rock and roll music post and enjoyed learning more about you but I don’t think the comment went through

  2. Looks like someone has their eyes on you – and had fun doing it 🙂
    And you and I are on the same page – just as I was in the middle of writing this comment, I received your comment! Glad that the book arrived. Enjoy – and feel free to share with your younger grandkids when you see them. Apparently it has become one of a few rotating favourite bedtime stories for my youngest great nephew (3), and my 4-1/2 great niece loves it, too.
    I won’t reply to the comment on my blog until after the winner is announced, just to keep it a bit of a surprise in case anyone is following comments. But thanks again for playing along and congrats!

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