Freedom Tower 

Here’s the view from my sister’s apartment. 

Just minutes between the shots. 

Reverse order save last one but blogging from phone and it seems too difficult to get them in chronological order now. 4-3-3-1-5

Mary added an empty frame on top of window 

And getting ready for bed after a long day on the train I saw this view 

The holiday has begun. 

Steve holding the fort at home. 

Here’s the view from my sister’s apartment. 

Freedom Tower at Dusk in frame.

17 thoughts on “Freedom Tower 

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  3. So glad the empty space was filled with such a beautiful building. Your sister has a great view of the Tower, everyday and in every light. Fantastic, Ruth!

  4. What a great view she has. I also love the inclusion of the city street below – and the ability to peek into a few of the shops.

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