Halloween Sign on Highland Avenue

You can’t see the large spider and weblike barrier to the darkened house. Carloads of kids are brought along this avenue. I can only imagine how they stockpile treats.

The spooky wild Halloween house on the corner of Jackson was in full swing again this year. Eerie sounds and flashing strobe lights. Skeletons climbing trees.



10 thoughts on “Halloween Sign on Highland Avenue

  1. It was v ery quiet on my Shadyside Street! But I was told that kids were in the STORES on Walnut getting treats yesterday afternoon!!!??
    Guess it was a planned retail event! 🙂


  2. Each year, more homes around here are being decorated for the season. They always bring a smile. As for the sign, there was a time where such a sign was an invitation for an egging. I can remember Mom giving out spare change when she ran out of candy. 🙂


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