Chaos: Up Close and Personal

Chaos: Weekly Photo Challenge  do you have a junk drawer? Or two? A little dish that collects odds and ends? Stray stuff without a place to reside?


18 thoughts on “Chaos: Up Close and Personal

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  2. My motivation was when we had to have our pipes redone in the basement and had weekend to toss or keep. Hated that weekend and the pipe job but I got rid of so much!

  3. Looks like you have your fair share of “chaos” locations. 😉 We have more spaces in our house than I would like; but alas, such is the compromise of living with other people.

  4. What’s next, Ruth? A photo of the box of cables for unknown devices and appliances? I’ll never clear that one, even though I’ve not opened it — other than to add to it — in years.

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