So, what’s photo worthy today, anyway?

You see lots of bugs on the gas pump- they look like fireflies but with a red chevron..need to identify them later……img_0886

You see the trees reflected in the iPad surface as you sit on the front porch.img_0906


You go get in the car and see a puddle with leaves. Puddle reflections are a favorite thing to capture.


You see the shopping cart corral reflected in a parking lot.


The maple has finally turned yellow in about four days time. The leaves in the garage gutter need to be cleaned out.img_0957

You drive by the neighbors, put the car in reverse and put a blinker on, consider getting out of the car but don’t –

shoot the flaming ivy from the driver’s seat. Later you are filled with regret that you’ve gotten so lazy.



You see a throne-like chair at the mall

for Santa Claus -you think it can’t be

it’s November 3rd.





13 thoughts on “So, what’s photo worthy today, anyway?

  1. The fall leaves in the puddle…that’s my favorite. Before you know it, the trees will be bare so enjoy while you can.

  2. So many great images; I also love the reflection shots.

    And yes, those bugs are boxelders. They are an annoyance, but nothing more.

  3. Good question. I find photos fall in several categories, including some I take because I want to share what I’ve seenu cause it has struck me as significant, funny or whatever. A larger number are ones where I am recording a moment to revisit, to jog memories and enjoy Proustian moment at a later date. And others because they’re people or places or animals I love and somehow it feels important to photograph them to acknowledge that, particularly people I do not see so often.

    • I appreciate your thoughtful consideration of the question and your response Isobel. I seem to put the camera/ phone to my eye without a lot of thought sometimes or intent.

  4. We arrived in Arizona last week. It is hot, hot, hot. The clothing stores are full of sweaters. Fall decorations have all been replaced by Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Very strange…

    • Lovely to be where the weather is warm but this’d cacti are something to get used to after coniferous and deciduous surroundings- and Santa seems out of place I’m sure. Thanks for your visit and comment today

  5. Great set of photos, Ruth, although I’m sure I’ll find the leaves in the puddle pic much more enjoyable once I’ve cleared the leaves from our lawns for the last time this season. 🙂

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