Cauliflower Chysanthemums

My friend, blog follower and frequent commenter, Sue R, told me she saw some Chrysanthemums that looked like Cauliflower.   I said, WHERE?

She couldn’t remember exactly but I know she sent me here somehow.  I found them.

There they were right on a front lawn.  I couldn’t believe it. Thanks Sue!

cauliflower-mumsand I did get out of the car for the second shot.  Are these the ones you were referring to. Sue?



11 thoughts on “Cauliflower Chysanthemums

  1. You found them! – I wish I knew if it was on purpose or they were going for the cauliflower look. Thanks Ruth E you made my day!!!

  2. I saw these, too. We were taking Finn to soccer and I was surprised when I realized what I was seeing. Can’t remember exactly where, though.

  3. Fun! And the “real” cauliflowers at the Farmers Markets are about this big and beautiful now!!!

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