The Early 80’s -my counted cross stitch phase

Saturday morning, I hung the ersatz garland up in the front hallway and positioned the ornaments so the fronts were visible. The little embroidered dates on them surprised me. Some of my friends were serious counted cross stitchers (Aida!!) I was more of a dabbler. Focusing on smocking and knitting when time allowed although Laura wasn’t born until ’83 so that explains why there wasn’t a mouse stocking  with her name on it.



A surprise gift from my sister from Arundel Ladies Booth.

My friend Joanne knit the tiny sweater years ago


One ornament from my needlepoint phase


23 thoughts on “The Early 80’s -my counted cross stitch phase

  1. Lovely! I like ornaments with special meaning. I have some, too. Yours are sweet! They help to bring back happy Christmas memories of people, places, and times. Being hand made makes them even nicer!


  2. these are some of the best ornaments to have – in my view they are way better than the stock “hallmark” collector items – even though I know folks who love those for the art they offer = and we have some from years ago (they were gifts) – anyhow, this custom gems are just fun and the little sweater is my fav. also – nice that you put the embroidered dates and what a fun thing to dabble in


  3. I did counted cross stitch too, as well as Hungarian embroidery. I think I tried a simple needle point kit but didn’t get far. My Dear Mom gave me one of her school projects, a counted cross stitch wood and glass tray. In those days, the girls learned cross stitch while they taught the boys math!

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    • Thanks for sharing your memories Eva. Have you seen the Hungarian embroidery on gingerbread? Chefs name is Mezesmanna if the link doesn’t work


  4. Those cross-stitch ornaments are beautiful and heartfelt. They definitely show the spirit of the holiday! I find as I get older, I need to feel the spirit of the holidays we celebrate, not just the work involved. Sorry, this probably made no sense.

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    • Merry Christmas! Thank you. Several people sent me photos of similar ornaments from another era, remembering those who stitched them years ago.


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