I might be waiting awhile

thanks Michelle W at WordPress for the suggestion of stockings hung by the chimney with care –Weekly Photo Challenge anticipation 


Needlepoint c.1974 by Bobbie, my sister-in-law



Handknit Snoopy stockings by a woman named Jane G in Clarion PA 1981

17 thoughts on “I might be waiting awhile

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  2. Stockings hung is such a beautiful idea. It is a good thing we don’t do it because I have no mantel. The needlepoint one is lovely.

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  3. How beautiful Ruth! We travel home over Christmas so we no longer really do the house up altho we have a very small tree to help us to stay in the spirit. i do miss the decking out of the house tho. Thanks for sharing yours!!

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  4. These are great! Just today my husband was saying that we need to get personal stockings for all of us now that C is beginning to understand some things more… probably next year. 🙂

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