Friends in Florida AND Massachusetts Bake Aunt Rhea’s Lebkuchen

Aunt Rhea’s Lebkuchen recipe  and this recipe was handed down from her mother’s father. (So from the 1800’s)

A double guest blog today!

This evening I heard from two dear friends.we met at Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1975. (Both were Army midwives -now retired, one delivered my son Mark in 1976)

Baked by Linda in Massachusetts – used light brown sugar she had on hand and it came out fine


And this batch baked by Kristin in Florida whose husband says it tastes like his mother’s -baked in Germany


Thanks for sharing your photos with me and all my blog followers,




and here is a response to the to the Annual Lebkuchen Baking post of 2016


My lebkuchen recipe is really a lot different….has honey and a bit of baking soda and is rolled into rectangle cookies. Then the icing has lemon juice and grated lemon peel. I think I’ll try your recipe along with mine this year. Oh, mine has chopped blanched almonds along with the chopped fruit. Different part of Germany, probably. Mine is from Bamberg and Wurzburg area. Pat Kelly


5 thoughts on “Friends in Florida AND Massachusetts Bake Aunt Rhea’s Lebkuchen

  1. I used almonds and instead of cinnamon I used “lebkuchengewürz”. This translates to Lebkuchen spice. It is a mixture of spices used in Germany. (Amazon sells it but it’s easy to make.). My husband is from the Dresden area of Germany.

  2. I love that your Aunt Rhea’s influence spans many parts of the country! Just goes to show the impact a single person can have.

  3. I always get a kick when someone writes to tell me they’ve cooked one of our recipes. and, most importantly, liked it. Rarely do I see proof, however. How cool is that?

    • It felt satisfying to receive “the proof” and one of my cousins said she never liked to eat the Lebkuchen but it felt good to know the recipe was being handed down

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