Lebkuchen Recipe from Aunt Rhea, (Well actually from her Mother’s Father)










This recipe is from Aunt Rhea’s mother’s (Marie) father, Julius Rickel(, who died in 1933.) That’s all the info I have on the handwritten recipe.  Not much more.

How to bake a Family Favorite recipe that hails from Germany. I copied it down from Aunt Rhea. Sunday before I left Ohio I dropped into the Kroger and bought what I needed

Aunt Rhea married my mother’s brother Robert.

She’s 98 years old today and celebrating, too.

   I plan to call her up and ask if there’s anything else to know about this particular recipe.

Love to you.

pecans and citronChopped pecans and citron. The recipe didn’t say how much.

Oh yes, prepare two 8 inch pans to bake.  Fire up the over to 35o degrees

I used disposables and cut out some parchment paper






cinnamonMix the cinnamon into the flour




cinnamon mixed inAdd the finely chopped citron and nuts to the flour mixture to coat evenly

Beat 4 eggs and 2 cups of brown sugar together until light. I used a heavy duty mixture.Lebkuchen recipe



add the flour mixturepouring the flour in



lebkuchen batter






cooling lebkuchen


Baked  between 25 and 30 minutes





glazed lebkuhen

A light glaze on top.  The whole kitchen smella so good.



17 thoughts on “Lebkuchen Recipe from Aunt Rhea, (Well actually from her Mother’s Father)

  1. It does look scrumptious. I love the smell of cinnamon in the kitchen this time of the year. Thus post reminded me the year you did a picture journey of my making mom’s nut crescents. Enjoy.

  2. I can only imagine how this smelled. I’m drooling a little bit over here. 😉

    I loved seeing the step-by-step process (no surprise there), as well as the handwritten recipe card. I love how you share your family history with us; what a gift.

    And, big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Aunt Rhea! 98 years – wow. So cool!

  3. Happy Birthday, Aunt Rhea! This looks like such a great cake, Ruth, and I love the history behind it. It’s a great way to celebrate her birthday!
    By the way, how much citron and nuts did you use?

    • 1c citron
      2c pecans
      No amounts in recipe given so guessed.
      I packed them right in their baking pans and mailed them to my cousin (Thea’s son) and his family who are celebrating Christmas in Minnesota this weekend.

  4. Is this Rhea who knew my Mother Marie Tucker aka Marie Rickel? I would so love to talk to you. I can’t wait to make this dish 🙂

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