Snow Shoot in Sunshine and Shade

It was about 14 degrees but my app said it felt like 2 degrees and yet the sun was out and the sky blue.

I’d just arrived from Pittsburgh. The roads were clear so I made it in about 3 1/2 hours to Clintonville Ohio for lunch with Charlie and Laura.

They’d just pulled into the driveway and we were going inside to warm up.Β  He loves the snow.

Just noticing the difference in the light in full sun and then on the back porch deck in the shade.



22 thoughts on “Snow Shoot in Sunshine and Shade

  1. These pictures are glorious! Love the bright smiles, and Charlie is just so cute! Delightful! The sun does make a difference. I was sweeping the snow and cleaning off the car yesterday afternoon, and it didn’t feel too bad in the sun.

  2. Very photogenic duo!!! Love the one of Laura looking intently at you and Charlie looking intently at Mom!! all adorable1

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