Maura’s Knitting Knotted Up the Wash

This post is dedicated to my friend V who recently spent a lot of time last week untangling a seriously tangled skein of yarn… I thought of her the whole time I persisted on the following mess.

My granddaughter Maura’s knitting got into the laundry inadvertently.

Went through the washing machine and knotted up the load.

Erika was going to cut it out but I spent time Saturday morning untangling the knotty mess. What satisfaction to detangle the twists and knots. Plain yarn is easier to untangle than fluffy yarn.




Now where is the other needle?img_2601

21 thoughts on “Maura’s Knitting Knotted Up the Wash

  1. I still haven’t untangled my knotted yarn. It’s such a mess I had to give up on it. I spent at least four days working on it and then decided to start a new project. I have to buy a new skein of yarn to replace the massively knotted one. Maura is lucky to have a grandma like you. I think I should bring my knotted mess of yarn to you to work on. Meanwhile tomorrow I’m heading to JoAnn Fabric for the new skein of yarn.

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  2. iMPRESSIVE!!! Love the yarn colors Maura chose —– maybe they were an aid in unraveling …..bright, visible! ????


  3. Big job – well done!

    Last week I volunteered to help my daughter ‘ball’ a skein of wool. I held the skein, she wound it. It was a baby fine wool product that didn’t come off the skein very easily. Towards the end, there were three of us doing the job – one holding the skein, one teasing the wool off the skein, and the third winding! If it had every tangled, It would have been impossible to untangle!

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